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Key areas of development in market solutions


  • Availability of top level scientists. QOPT has access to the market capabilities of high class specialists in quantum optics on an academic level with wide scaling capabilities. Such dynamics are rare, and could boost any area of development.
  • QOPT offers consulting services across different models of research risk outsourcing, due to our rich expertise in R&D risk management.
  • Unique combination of quantum optics, hardware and software development in a single entity. It creates opportunities to embrace a wide range of challenges from scientific to developmental.

Relationships with worldwide companies

  • QOPT would benefit from entering a stable value chain for technological companies interested in the development of QUANTUM technologies.
  • QOPT has very good networking capabilities through the FinTech market, cryptography, telecommunication and cybersecurity. It also has specific experience in the MedTech market.
  • QOPT can partner with hardware production capabilities in the EU market. Any equipment on US license, with a substantial amount of added value from QOT, may be produced and sold on the EU market as an EU product.