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Quantum Optical Technologies sp. z o.o. has signed a contract with European Space Agency to investigate the feasibility of next-generation quantum receivers for deep-space optical communication links. Instruments used in future deep-space missions will collect massive amounts of data from other planets of the solar system and beyond. The bottleneck is downlink transfer of these data back to Earth. A shift from the currently used radio-frequency band to the optical spectrum gives access much higher bandwidths and reduces diffraction losses, but poses a number of technical challenges. Current progress in quantum technologies provides promising options to boost the attainable transmission rates.

More information about this project you can find in the article:

On 6th June 2022, Dr Lidia Tańska, Research and Development Director at QOPT, participated in a panel during the Innovatorium event organised in Poznań, Poland, by the Łukasiewicz  Research Network. The panel was an opportunity to present the potential of quantum technologies and discuss prospects of cooperation between science and industry in this area. Quantum technologies aim to generate business value by developing products and services utilising fundamental physical concepts such as quantum superpositions and entanglement. Hence interactions between high-tech industry and research community with solid scientific knowledge is crucial to achieve commercial success.

Quantum Optical Technologies sp. z o.o. has been selected to coordinate Cluster Q-Quantum Technologies Cluster, an association of leading Polish universities and research institutes as well as companies aiming to develop products and services utilising quantum technologies. The Cluster was inaugurated on 23 May 2022 at an event organised at the University of Warsaw and available to watch on Exatel youtube channel at: For further information about Cluster Q contact